Remote Supervision

The most cost-effective solution for detecting and intervening on any unforeseen event.

We offer supervision, control and data acquisition systems for refrigeration, air conditioning or process plants, detecting alarms and automating notifications to our technicians who can then intervene immediately.

Supervision allows us to detect the temperatures, operating states or anomalies of a refrigeration plant in real time, as well as being able to intervene remotely by modifying any parameter or setting, exactly as if we were at the customer’s premises.

With our supervision system we are also able to record the history of alarms and graphs with the trend of the variables, so as to optimise the operation of the systems themselves by intervening preventively.

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Remote supervision allows complete and constant monitoring 24 hours 365 days a year of installations, whether refrigeration, air conditioning or process.

Energy Efficiency

The complete and constant monitoring of the installations leads to optimised energy efficiency with a significant consumption reduction.

Minimum maintenance costs

Our specialised personnel monitor the performance of the systems, activating themselves at any suspicious deviations in operation, thus minimising maintenance expenses.

Alarm detection

Remote supervision offers a constantly active service in the detection and acknowledgement of alarms in real time.

Important cost savings

Solving alarms remotely, without the need for on-site personnel, provides important cost savings.

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