Project design

We study together with our customer the most suitable refrigeration system for his needs.

Thanks to our expertise and continuous investment in research and training, we offer a range of possible solutions with high technical and innovative content, with the aim of proposing the most suitable refrigeration system for our customer’s needs.

The result is a project designed and developed to perfectly meet the needs and requirements of each individual reality, having as objectives:

  • high energy efficiency and low consumption;
  • high quality and technological standards;
  • extreme reliability;
  • full respect for the environment.
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Single point of contact

The design includes all technical aspects of the system:

  • refrigeration
  • electrical;
  • hydraulic;
  • structural.

Our customer thus finds himself with a single point of contact, with obvious time savings in finding and coordinating various suppliers.

Customised engineering

Each customer is distinguished by peculiarities inherent to:

  • sector of activity;
  • structural dimensions;
  • production capacity;
  • in-house expertise;
  • logistics.

No two plants are the same, each of our projects is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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