Refrigeration systems

Each system is realised starting from the analysis of the specific requirements of each customer, followed by an accurate engineering on the basis of the conservation peculiarities of each type of product (cheeses, meat, cold meats, fruit and vegetables, medicines, perishable products in general) and the treatment that needs to be implemented (TN or BT conservation, freezing).

We implement refrigeration systems for:

  • high temperatures;
  • medium temperatures;
  • low temperatures.

In execution:

  • centralised;
  • with chilled glycol water circulation;
  • with direct expansion of refrigerant gases;
  • open on metal structure for installation in engine room with remote condenser;
  • with partial heat recovery;
  • for outdoor installation;
  • centralised;
  • with compressors:
    • hermetic rotary scroll
    • semi-hermetic single- or dual-stage reciprocating
    • semi-hermetic screw
  • split;
  • supersilenced.

  • Agribusiness
  • Chemical
  • Oenology
Refrigeration systems

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