Industrial refrigeration systems

At I.F.I. Service, thanks to the experience gained in over 40 years of activity, we deal with the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems.

We have highly qualified teams operating throughout Italy and teams dedicated to interventions abroad, able to meet the needs of every sector.

We respond to every need with tailor-made solutions and state-of-the-art technology.

Our customers particularly appreciate us for:

  • competence;
  • ability to propose alternative and innovative solutions;
  • constant support over time, which makes us a reliable partner;
  • prompt intervention in emergencies.

Cold is constantly evolving and we with it!


Our history


The origins

Brenno Passuello came from several years of production management experience with chiller manufacturers and founded I.F.I. snc, concentrating his training in the service and maintenance of refrigeration units in the industrial sector.


I.F.I. Service is established

Over the years, Brenno developed expertise in all areas related to refrigeration, particularly ammonia systems.

I.F.I. snc became I.F.I. Service and moved from Bassano del Grappa to Cartigliano in a new operational and administrative structure.


The company grows

Andrea, Brenno’s son, joins I.F.I. Service. Father and son succeed in transforming the family business into a real enterprise on the strength of the skills developed over the years.


New ideas, new services

In 2001, Andrea took over the reins of the company, further developing the structure, broadening the scope of operations and satisfying customers from a variety of sectors. The legal form changed and I.F.I. became a Limited Liability Company.



The company reaches the important milestone of ISO 9001 certification, which has been constantly updated over the years.


Development and partnerships

The company continues its evolutionary path by designing increasingly customised industrial refrigeration systems, offering customers ideal solutions in terms of power, size and consumption.
The high skills of IFI’s technicians have also led the company to develop important partnerships with multinationals with requests for action all over the world.


Modernisation and digitalisation

A structured manager joined the company and began a process of strong modernisation and digitalisation, developing a new entrepreneurial vision.


IFI Service today

Today IFI Service boasts a highly qualified and competent team, operating both nationally and internationally, capable of proposing and managing the most advanced technologies, focusing on the needs of each individual customer and offering the best solutions in terms of efficiency, savings and eco-sustainability.



Our mission is to position ourselves on the most advanced technological frontier, and we have therefore developed increasingly innovative and high-performance systems and services over the years.

Today, competence is fundamental, but it is not enough; we need to approach each new project with vision and a far-sighted outlook, meeting the increasingly sophisticated needs of modern companies.

Thanks to our experience, we offer highly customised state-of-the-art solutions for every sector, with low environmental impact and high energy savings.

It is essential to support the customer at all decision-making stages, to enable him to make the best choices in a constantly and rapidly changing world.

For each of our customers we want to be first and foremost a partner with experience and professionalism, with whom we can create a relationship of trust that lasts over time.


Our work is our passion!

Ours is a close-knit team: professionals and technicians with strong expertise work in unison to offer the best solutions and highly qualified assistance, because the success and satisfaction of our customers is the success and satisfaction of our company!

Il nostro lavoro è la nostra passione - IFI Service

Research & Development

It is important for our customers to have a highly professional, specialised and constantly updated team at their side.

Given the complexity of each system, our technicians must possess transversal skills in the mechanical, electrical, thermal-hydraulic, energy and IT fields.

I.F.I. Service invests heavily every year in the training and updating of its technicians and staff.

The preparation of refrigeration technicians will become increasingly critical with new technologies (the use of new highly flammable gases is an example) and we do not want to be found unprepared: our technicians are and will be increasingly qualified to give the best service and support to our customers.


Green thinking is the watchword.

Seeking environmentally sustainable solutions is a regulatory, but first and foremost a social duty.

Climate change impacts our daily lives year after year, the environmental problem is no longer a concern for future generations, the environmental problem is today!

Like everyone else, we care about safeguarding our planet and are heavily involved in researching and studying innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions.


ISO 9001-2015 certification

The company has obtained and maintains ISO 9001-2015 certification and has highly qualified and specialised personnel.

ISO 9001:2015 is now the new reference, recognised worldwide, for the certification of the quality management system of organisations of all production sectors and sizes. The full name of the standard implemented in Italy is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 as the ISO standard is harmonised, published and disseminated by the Italian National Unification Body and the European Committee for Standardisation in Europe.

IFI Service is also certified according to EU Regulation 2015/2067, which also provides for the certification of all technicians working with F-Gas.

Technicians are also provided with a “Welder’s Qualification Certificate“, a document that certifies the ability to carry out certain types of welding in compliance with the rules of art.

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