Scheduled maintenance

The right prevention so that your system always performs at its best.

Objective: to maintain maximum plant efficiency and minimise the risk of malfunctions.

With a routine and scheduled maintenance contract, IFI Service carries out all the operations your plant needs throughout the year.

At the same time, strict monitoring is carried out on failed, inefficient or malfunctioning components or parts to prevent, as far as possible, more serious damage and to schedule any extraordinary maintenance.

A malfunctioning plant or a sub-optimal plant configuration is not only detrimental to the company’s economy, but also endangers the safety of all operators and the safety of the environment.

The maintenance contract also includes the filling in of the equipment logbook as per EU Regulation 517/2014, a burden that customers gladly delegate to us.

All customers with a maintenance contract have absolute priority on emergency calls.

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With a regular and planned maintenance contract you automatically ensure a longer life for your installations.

Lower costs

Scheduled maintenance is significantly cheaper than extraordinary maintenance and avoids even more costly plant downtimes.

Relief from obligations

The F-Gas declaration is a mandatory communication for companies operating equipment and systems with fluorinated gas emissions.

I.F.I. Service takes on this regulatory obligation by relieving the customer.

Less downtime

Routine and scheduled maintenance not only results in much lower costs, but also drastically reduces the risk of downtime, which, for some sectors, is vital to the company’s business.


A constantly monitored plant and its components not only prevents breakdowns or malfunctions, but also increases the efficiency of the plant itself with obvious benefits for the company’s economy and environmental impact.

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